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These answers currently apply to the macOS version only. This page will be updated when other platform editions are available.

When are the Windows / iOS / Android versions coming out?
Those are planned for 2019. You can sign up for updates here.
How do I back up my data?
If you downloaded the app from the Mac App Store, your data is in ~/Library/Containers/com.haveagrapefruit.grapefruit/Data/Library/Application Support/Grapefruit.

If you have a beta or older pre-app-store distribution, your data is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Grapefruit/

Inside that folder you'll find a grapedb.dat file that you can copy somewhere to backup.
How private is my data?
You data is as private as your macOS account. By default, your data is not stored on any server or transmitted across any network. However, the database file is human-readable so anyone who has access to your computer password can technically look at your data if they know what they're looking for.
How do I know when my day is saved?
Everything you enter for your days will save automatically. The settings do not save automatically. When something has changed in the settings, you will see a green save button.
I love Grapefruit!
We love you too! Unless you mean the fruit, in which case, we, uh, were only joking? #awkward


If you have a question not listed here, or a suggestion, or you just want to send us a poem, you can email us at

Save an orange. Hug a grapefruit.
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