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Like reading instructions?

We wrote some guides. You can read them. There are a few pictures in there so it's not super dry.

Grapefruit Guide

First you cut it in half. Then you slice the segments. Then you eat the pulp. Some specialty spoons can help, but some are very poorly designed so as to be essentially worse than a normal spoon.


Count Your Money Guide

1, 2, 3, 4, count your money on the floor. 


Cow Words Guide

If you need instructions for a notes app, I'm not sure we can help you.


General FAQs

For app-specific FAQs, check the guides.

When are you adding [new feature]?

Good question! We’re always working on improving our apps but can't promise any particular timeline for any feature. You can sign up for updates on the homepage, or send us suggestions using the email address on this page, or cross your fingers and hope upon hope that an update comes too soon. We also don't like to update the apps too often, because software updates can be really annoying.

How do I know when my data is saved?

Just about everything will save automatically, with the exception of some settings. Things like Accounts, Questions and Emotions require a 'save' action to prevent accidental breaking changes.

Great app!

That's not a question, but thanks. :)

Can I get a refund?

Refunds can be issued in some circumstances depending on the App Store policies. Check with the App Store you purchased the app at for their refund process and policies.

How do I sync my data?

It's pretty simple - create an account on this site, and use it to sign in in the apps by clicking the user icon. You can use the same account for all of our apps, but this feature is still rolling out so may not be available for everyone yet.

How private is my data?

If you don't use cloud syncing, your data is as private as your device account and is not stored on any server or transmitted across any network. However, like many apps, the database files on your computer are human-readable so anyone who has access to your device password can technically look at your data if they know what they’re looking for.

If you sign up for syncing, then your data is transmitted securely to our servers and stored there as well. 

Can I delete my data from the cloud sync account?

Yes. You can delete it completely any time by logging into your account on this site and choosing the Remove Data option on the cloud sync page. Note that you should log out of all your apps first so they aren't caught off guard and go all wonky.


If you can't find your answer in a guide above, email us at

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