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Grapefruit helps you manage your mental health. Journal, keep track of your emotions, and more.

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New app, who dis?

Grapefruit is an app for managing your mental health. Write your journal, track your habits and emotions, and use the unique rating system to tie everything together. You then get back real data on your mental health that you can use in your healing.

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How do it do? This how it do!

1. Write In Your Journal

One of the best things you can do for your mental health is keep a journal. They help you understand your thoughts, reduce stress, and many other benefits. So Grapefruit is centered around that. You'll see instant benefits from just journaling alone, but to get the most out of it, you can go deeper.

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2. Track Your Feelings (And Whatever Else)

Say you're struggling with a particular emotion (e.g. depression, or anger) and trying to identify the triggers. Wouldn't it be helpful to read back your journal for just the days when you felt that emotion? That's one way our emotion tracking can help. But what about two emotions? What happened on days when you were sad and angry? You can look at those days as well. Though ... maybe you won't want to.

3. Review Your Data

Do you know how often you have a good day? That’s one of the many things Grapefruit will show you. Why? Because it’s so much easier to weather the storms when you know exactly when the sun is coming. Now, how about days of the week. Or most common emotions. When you rate your days and track a few things, the results can be really impactful.

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What our beta users are saying...
"This is a great app and it is truly making a difference in my life! I really love it and now I can't imagine a day without rating it here."
"I thought my life was filled with bad days. I'm discovering that I'm not having as many bad days as I thought. I'm already starting to have a more positive outlook on life. Great job, guys!"
"Loving your app - stunning UI!"

Thanks to all of our testers and supporters!

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