Track your mental health without being tracked.

Grapefruit is a privacy-first app for tracking your moods, keeping a journal, and managing your mental health.

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Setapp is a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps. For $9.99/mo, use Grapefruit plus over 200 other apps. No extra fees, no ads.
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What You Get

Every brain is different, so Grapefruit can be used to match your unique way of processing life. And you can continually adapt it to whatever personal journey you happen to be on at any given time.

The latest version has even more ways to customize the interface to be just the way you want it. 

Mood and Emotion Tracker

Got some moods? Got some emotions? Write 'em down and deal with them later. That's the healthy thing, right?


Got some thoughts? Write those down so you can fill up your mind with newer, weirder ones. Don't like to write? You can use a question format instead of a daunting blank page.

Stats and Trends

Use the charts and graphs to find surprising patterns in your behaviour so you can more effectively hide your flaws from others.

Cloud Syncing (Beta)

Use the cloud syncing feature to keep your data the same across devices. It's completely optional so you don't have to create an account if you don't want to.

Light or Dark Mode

Have the app match your inner darkness, or keep it light and colourful. 

What You DON'T Get

We don't include the things you don't want because you don't want them.

Tracking Scripts

Other apps track every action and button click and whatever else they can get their hands on to "improve your experience."  Not worth it.

Forced Login

No need for an account to use the app. You can choose to use it locally and anonymously so nothing ever touches the internet.

Data Harvesting

We don't want anything to do with your data. We don't sell your data, nor will we keep your data in a warehouse forever.

Recurring Fees

Buy the app once for each platform you need, and that's it. Cloud syncing is included so you have no recurring monthly costs. 

Get news, updates and maybe a poem here and there.

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