The Notes App For Mac and Android

Cow Words is the perfect notes app for the Mac and Android combo. Because iOS is not your vibe, but cows totally are.

Free for Mac. One-time purchase for Android.

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What You Get

No matter how you customize it, it'll still feel as fresh as an ungrazed pasture.

Optional Tags & Titles

Want titles on your notes? Done! Tags? Done! Neither? Sure, keep it simple.

Themes and Styles

Includes dark "Black Angus" mode, and a number of styles crafted for pleasant writing.

Word Count

Live word count so you don't write a word more than you have to.


Sort by newest or most recently changed or title or tag or hide the thing to focus.

Cloud Sync

Sync across 4 platforms (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android)

What You DON'T Get

We don't include the things you don't want because you don't want them.

Tracking Scripts

Other apps track every action and button click and whatever else they can get their hands on to "improve your experience."  Not worth it.

Forced Login

No need for an account to use the app. You can choose to use it locally and anonymously so nothing ever touches the internet.

Data Harvesting

We don't want anything to do with your data. We don't sell your data, nor will we keep your data in a warehouse forever.

Recurring Fees

Buy the app once for each platform you need, and that's it. Cloud syncing is included so you have no recurring monthly costs. 

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