Terms and Privacy

Our only goal is make the world a happier, more enlightened place. To that point, we’re going to keep this simple. You do your best and we’ll do our best and it's nobody's fault if someone messes up. Easy.

If you need a bit more than that, read on...

1. Your data is your data

Be default, whatever data you put into our apps remains your data and stays on your device. We do not own it, we do not collect it, nor will we transfer it to any third party.

We also do not track any usage behaviour, collect any usage data, or send any usage data to third-parties beyond analytics that may be provided by the store where you purchased the app.

If you choose to enable the cloud sync feature:

- Your data will be securely transmitted and stored on our servers. You may delete your data and account from our servers using this website.

- Some usage data regarding the cloud sync servers will be stored in our server logs, and may be aggregated and analyzed. We will do our best to limit the scope of data collection to only that regarding the cloud sync feature, and only as much as we need to ensure the health of that feature.

2. If we mess up, it’s not our fault

By using any of our apps you release us of all legal liability. This includes, but is not limited to, misuses, corruption, or unintended transfer of your data.

3. If you mess up, it’s not our fault

By using any of our apps you release us of all legal liability of any outcomes from the use of the app, direct or indirect. If you do things because of our apps or what our apps tell you, we aren’t responsible for the things you do. If you learn things you didn't want to learn, we aren't responsible for that either.

On the other side of the coin, we won’t take credit for any improvements in your life. That’s all you.

4. Changes

If we change these terms, we’ll place a notice at the top of this website's home page (https://haveagrapefruit.com). Additionally, the link in the app and on the app stores will always link to the latest version.

5. Refunds

Refunds will only be issued according to the rules of the store from which you purchased the app. Check their policies for more information.

6. Cloud Sync

We can revoke access to the cloud sync feature at any time, for any reason. The cloud sync feature is provided at your own risk. By using the cloud sync feature, you accept that all or parts of your data may be lost or corrupted.

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