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If you have questions or need help, you can email us any time at

1. Getting Set Up

Set up is simple. After you receive your invite, click the link there to get started. Select a plan, create your account, set up your payment and you're in!

Before you can invite anyone, you'll need to enter a couple pieces of information but once that is done you can start inviting clients right away.

2. Inviting Clients

Click the Invite option from the Home screen, or go to Clients in the top menu and then to Invite.

Feel free to invite yourself first so you can see what the invite email looks like. Every account comes with a couple of extra seats so you can test it out. The only thing to note is that you will need to use a different email than you used for your Pro account.

Invites have to be accepted before you can view their data, and un-accepted invites don't count against your total.

3. Finding A Client

You can find your clients in a list by going Clients in the top menu under the All Clients tab, or search by name on the Search tab.

Clients who have not yet accepted invites won't appear in the list or in the search.

If a client is listed as their email address and not their name, it is because they have not entered their name in the app. You can ask them to do this in the app on their sync page. Tell them to click the cloud icon on the top right, then go to the Pro tab to enter their name.

4. Reviewing Entries

A client's data will be split into three tabs - Entries, Basic Trends and Advanced Trends.

These mirror exactly that your client sees in their app, though the labels may differ.

Entries shows all entries, and you can filter by ratings and emotions. Basic Trends shows some high level charts and data points. And Advanced Trends shows how answers to the custom questions breakdown.

Tip: if you think you're missing a new entry, like when you're working with someone in-person, you can reload the page to force the latest data to appear.

5. Finishing Up

Once you're done with a client, click the Home or Client menu item on the top left to be taken out of that client's page.

Don't forget to logout once you're done for the day. As you know, the entries can be very sensitive.

6. Send us feedback!

We want to make sure this app works for you and your clients so send us any feedback you have.

Tell us what you need. You're the expert! Just like you do with your clients, help us make this app the best version of itself.


Can my client use Grapefruit on a desktop computer?

Yes and no. We're working on this and are aiming to have it out very soon. For now, they can use iPhones/iPads and Android devices. That said, they can also use the desktop apps if they have paid for them. They will need to use the mobile app to accept your invite, but then they can log in to the same account on the desktop app.

How many devices can my clients use?

They can use as many as they like. Once they accept your invite on the first device, any login on subsequent devices by them will unlock the app. That said, if they start using dozens then our system may raise some eyebrows.

What happens when I hit the client limit?

We'll give you some leeway here and still let you issue invites to give you time to upgrade. You can upgrade yourself right from your account, just go to Settings > Subscriptions. We don't want you to run into the situation where you can't give out an invite because you have to deal with administration first. If you need a bit of time to get the new cost approved, just send us an email.

Is there a free trial?

There isn't, but you can sign up, try it out yourself, and cancel if it's not right for you. Then contact us for a refund.

How do I close my account?

You can cancel your account right from Settings > Subscriptions. We'll email you and give it a few days to make sure it's not an accident, and then we'll remove your account.

What happens to my clients if I stop working with them or close my account?

Clients are in control of their data, so they can remove their account at any time. If you see someone disappear from your list, this may have happened. If you need to unlink a client, they can do so by deleting their account the account management page on this website, or you can contact us and we'll unlink them. (A self-serve option coming once we leave invite-only mode.)

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