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Grapefruit is a mental health management app. It combines a journal, a mood and emotion tracker, and a daily personal check-in system based around customizable self-questioning. It then analyzes the data and generates charts, graphs and other data points that users can use to find patterns in their moods, feelings and behaviors.

Self-Help Tool + A Companion To Therapy / Counseling

In addition to a self-help tool, Grapefruit can be used along with many kinds of therapy and counseling. Many users currently use it for exactly that.

The future of Grapefruit will also be based around support relationships. So you could use it on your own, share with a trusted person in your life, work with a therapist / counselor, or any combination thereof. Our goal is to be a mental health tool that everyone can use, no matter how your journey is unfolding.


Grapefruit is made with a privacy-first approach, and aims to give users 100% control over their data. Specifically:

  • • All data remains on their device and no account required (unless they opt-in to cloud sync)
  • • Data stored on cloud sync servers can be hard deleted at any time and can be set to self-destruct after a period of inactivity

About The Creator

Grapefruit was created by Angus Woodman, a Canadian software developer and entrepreneur.

In his own words:

I created what would become Grapefruit almost ten years ago, at a particularly low point in my own life.

I was dealing with depression and anxiety and social isolation, though I hadn't yet applied those words to what I had been experiencing to that point. Being catastrophically bad at asking for help, I thought I'd see if I could 'hack' my way to feeling better.

I started doing research on moods and happiness. I then made a bunch of tools to gather and analyze data, and used myself as a guinea pig over the next year. And it made a big difference. So I took the tools that gave me the most benefit, wrapped them up and put it out there for folks to use.

Eight years later, I rebuilt it from the ground-up, incorporating everything I learned, and called it Grapefruit.

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One-time cost of $9.99 USD per platform (macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS). No recurring costs.

Local pricing available in regional app stores.

Logos, Icons, & Screenshots

Download a .zip of all assets (7.5 MB)

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More screenshots in .zip file.


Made in Canada

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