Cow Words User Guide

TL;DR's a notes app. Write some notes in it. Read those notes back to yourself when you're feeling lonely. There's not much more to it.

1. Manage Notes

Add a note with the big + thing, or the File menu (Desktop-only) or the CMD+N / CTRL+N (Desktop-only).

Delete a note with the Delete action at the bottom. There is no trash or anything. Gone is gone.


You can write stories about ham or any meat or non-meat foodstuff that you choose!

2. Tags

Click the tag icon to add a tag. Click the existing tags to change the tags. Customize the tag list in the settings.

You can also sort your sidebar by tags. Unless you disable tags, in which case you can't.

Notes without tags will show up in the Untagged category. Sorry that's so abstract.


This screenshot has no tags so it's probably not a great choice for this section. But you can see the tag icon you click to add a tag so that's something.

3. Customization and Styles

There are 5 built-in writing styles you can pick from, all with different fonts and spacing and such.

You can also remove the titles and/or the tags to your liking. All this stuff is under the Settings gear thing.


There's also a dark mode.

Just go experiment!

Pretend you're a thirteen year old boy - go play with it and see what happens. If you have a legit question, please do send us an email to the address on the help page. Maybe it'll lead us to some actually useful content for this page.

Get news, updates and maybe a poem here and there.

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