About The Apps

The apps can be used with a provider, or on your own.

The iOS and Android apps are free to download, with basic versions that can be used forever. You can unlock syncing and more features (themes, advanced stats) with a one-time in-app purchase or with a code given to you by your therapist / counselor / coach.

Continue for an overview of how they work. south

How It Works

Grapefruit doesn't tell you what to do, or funnel you down a narrow one-size-fits-all path.
You decide how you want to set it up, and how you want to use it.

1. Reflect

Write in your journal. Or track your emotions. Or ask yourself what you're grateful for. How you reflect is up to you. The important part is putting it down.

2. Analyze

Use the built-in tools to look back over your trends, or your bad days, or your good. The patterns in your behavior will become clear before you even realize.

3. Improve

After you know your patterns, you can start to make incremental changes. Then track those in Grapefruit, and start the upward spiral.

What You Get

Every brain is different, so Grapefruit can be used to match your unique way of processing life. And you can continually adapt it to whatever personal journey you happen to be on at any given time.

The latest version has even more ways to customize the interface to be just the way you want it. 

Mood and Emotion Tracker

Got some moods? Got some emotions? Write 'em down and deal with them later. That's the healthy thing, right?


Got some thoughts? Write those down so you can fill up your mind with newer, weirder ones. Don't like to write? You can use a question format instead of a daunting blank page.

Stats and Trends

Use the charts and graphs to find surprising patterns in your behaviour so you can more effectively hide your flaws from others.

Cloud Syncing

Use the cloud syncing feature to keep your data the same across devices. It's completely optional so you don't have to create an account if you don't want to.

Light or Dark Mode

Have the app match your inner darkness, or keep it light and colourful. 

flip color_lens

Make It Your Own

You can set up Grapefruit in so many different ways, and with so many different looks. A simple written journal. A series of yes-no questions. Choose from lists of emotions or activities or anything else you can think of. These are just some of the ways people have set it up.

It's also configured out-of-the-box for you so you can start right away. You can add your personal touch as you go.


  • Image
    A Simple Journal

    A place to write, and an optional mood and
    emotion tracker at the top.

  • Image
    Gratitude + Self-Care

    Practice gratitude and see if your
    self-care habits are building.

  • Image
    Moods, Moods, Moods

    Track your mood throughout the day,
    with a place to keep notes.

  • Image
    Black + Pink

    Add some fun in your question choice
    and color choice.

What You DON'T Get

Sometimes the most important things are those not included.


Tracking Scripts

Other apps track every click to "improve your experience."  Not worth it.


Forced Login

Keep your email to yourself. Use the app locally without ever creating an account.


Data Collecting

We don't collect your data and we don't want your data. It's yours.



No ads. Buy the app if you need the paid features, otherwise use it for free.

Clear pricing — pay once per platform to unlock all features. Don't pay at all when invited by a provider.


Available on iOS and Android

  • No entry limit
  • 2 custom questions
  • Light/dark mode
  • Basic analysis tools
  • 1 device

Per Platform, USD

  • Free when invited
  • Unlimited custom questions
  • 150+ color combinations
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Cloud sync
Setapp is a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps. For $9.99/mo you get access to over 200 apps, including the Mac version of Grapefruit. No extra fees, no ads.
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