Grapefruit is an app for managing your mental health. It combines standard tools like a journal, a mood tracker, and an emotion awareness tool, with fully-customizable daily check-ins so you can tailor the app as you need. Grapefruit will also do analysis and generate charts and graphs that you can use to find interesting patterns. Combine all of these to work on yourself and move toward your goals.

In addition to a self-help tool, Grapefruit is a powerful companion to different types of therapy and counseling. Many folks currently use it for exactly that now, but soon we'll be releasing a version that counselors can offer their clients, and use to work with them. Our goal is to be a mental health tool that everyone can use, no matter how your journey is unfolding.

And unlike many apps that track everything you do, we take a privacy-first approach, giving you 100% control over your data.

A Little History

👋 Hello there! I'm Angus, and I created what would become Grapefruit almost ten years ago, at a particularly low point in my own life.

I was dealing with depression and anxiety and social isolation, though I hadn't yet applied those words to what I had been experiencing to that point. Being catastrophically bad at asking for help, I thought I'd see if I could 'hack' my way to feeling better.

I started doing research on moods and happiness. I then made a bunch of tools to gather and analyze data, and used myself as a guinea pig over the next year. And it made a big difference. So I took the tools that gave me the most benefit, wrapped them up and put it out there for folks to use.

Eight years later, I rebuilt it from the ground-up, incorporating everything I'd learned, and called it Grapefruit.


Say hello, share your story, or send us your favorite way to eat grapefruit (the fruit) at hi@haveagrapefruit.com

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